Who We Are

Yoga In Action!

Claire Maguire and students at TYR in Ashbourne Co Meath 

TYR established since 2006

30 million people practice yoga worldwide. Many are drawn to it because of physical injury or stress. What happens when the injury heals and the anxiety disappears? People still come back.  Practice weekly with a full heart and your life will change.

I took my first yoga class 18 years ago in Dublin. My life was never the same again. My daily practice is devoted to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice in the pure tradition of Sri.K Pattabhi Jois, taught to me through his son Manju Pattabhi Jois and Guruji’s senior teachers David Swenson and Paul Dallaghan. Teachers inspire and guide you, no doubt, but the real work is in daily practice of yoga. Get the body strong through asana (phyisical postures) and the mind becomes strong too. Get to the mat and try it for a long period. How remarkable and utterly marvellous the results are! Anyone can turn up and do ashtanga yoga. It heals you physically and mentally but you must be receptive. The sick can do it. Those who are injured can practice. Older and younger practice side by side.

In Washington DC, Janice Clarfield guided me through pre-natal yoga teacher training. Again, the real experience was living yoga and bringing my children into the world at home in a calm and loving environment as nature intended.

Further gratitude to Shelly Washington and Luke Jordan, inspiring teachers and brilliant ashtanga practioners.