Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

What is it all about?

The ashtanga vinyasa approach is so very different from other styles of yoga – all beneficial in their own right. Some practices are slow moving, others, like what I teach move at a greater speed. No practice of yoga is only physical or only mental. All yoga practices, ashtanga yoga included, are multidimensional and guide us in all our complexity towards wholeness and harmony.  But having tried most styles, this is the one that transforms. It is a physical therapy and a medicine. If you do it you will benefit both mentally and physically. If you do not practice there is no gain.

It is not a difficult practice for the beginner student and that is because the Sunday class is a self practice class (mysore style) and I work one on one with the student. We take our time to learn. Be patient and respectful to the teachings that are being handed down.  It is fun and there is a lovely relaxed atmosphere. If you like to exercise you will love ashtanga yoga. Start right away!

*Claire teaches first and second series

TYR is only 10-15 minutes by car from North Dublin. From Drogheda only 20 minutes. From other parts of Meath expect around 10-20 minute trip by car.