Classes & Yoga Therapy

What is Ashtanga all about?

The ashtanga vinyasa approach is so very different from other styles of yoga – all beneficial in their own right. Some practices are slow moving, others, like what I teach move at an energetic pace. No practice of yoga is only physical or only mental. All yoga practices, ashtanga yoga included, are multidimensional and guide us in all our complexity towards wholeness and harmony.  But having tried most styles, this is the one that transforms. It is a physical therapy and a medicine. If you do it you will benefit both mentally and physically. If you do not practice there is no gain.

Introducing Yoga Therapy for children and teenagers who are struggling with school and life – read more below.


Claire at 40 weeks pregnant feeling fit and ready for another homebirth

Pregnancy Yoga

Here at the Private Yoga Room, pregnancy classes are run on appointment only for single, couple or small groups of expecting mothers. We will work through physical postures, both standing and seated, before moving on to breath work and finally relaxation. The practice (not ashtanga yoga) is more like a hatha flow style and is just the right amount of exercise for a woman in her first trimester right to the final weeks. Conscious birthing and birth coaching is taught in the pregnancy class. Classes taught here are an invaluable resource for every pregnant woman, the best teachings you will get. I practiced yoga during my three pregnancies helping me stay fit. Yoga was crucial in helping deliver my babies at home with great ease.


Kriya Meditation

Meditation practice should be approached in silence. There is far too much noise in our world and it is overloading the nervous system causing people to burn out. It is a simple truth that will not go away until we learn to go within. Kriya Yoga is a comprehensive spiritual path of meditation, yoga and ethical living. The spiritual master Paramhansa Yogananda brought the sacred technique of Kriya Yoga to the West in the early 1900s. 

I teach students very simple techniques to approach sitting in silence.

The benefits of Kriya Yoga include: experiencing calmness and joy in your life, increased focus and concentration, and the elimination of negative karma. 

Yoga Therapy

Having spent the past six years working in the classroom with the Centre for Talented Youth DCU, I have witnessed how mainstream education is not evolving fast enough to support the children who are told are on the spectrum. In truth we are all on the ‘spectrum’. If educators and assessors understood energy and how to channel this energy that is presenting in so many children we would be in a far better and happier place.

This is where I come in. You might have come across the terms Indigo children, crystal children and star children. Some of these children are now adults and as the consciousness of the planet rises, me, these children are being sent to challenge the old systems and introduce a new way of thinking and being.

If your child is out of sorts in school, your teenager feels out of place in this world, their moods going from high to low, sadness to joy, anger to anxiety, then it is time to get in touch with me. 

Yoga therapy when applied correctly with wisdom and practical experience will have a profound effect on the individual. 

I have witnessed after one session, through the correct breath work and body movements, the energy (prana) becoming unstuck and the children feeling calm and peaceful.

Parents can attend the private sessions with their child so everybody gets the benefits of yoga therapy and meditation.

The Private Yoga Room is only 10-15 minutes by car from North Dublin. From Drogheda only 20 minutes. From other parts of Meath expect around 10-20 minute trip by car.