Pregnancy Yoga & Youth Yoga

At 40 weeks feeling fit and prepared for another home birth

Pregnancy Yoga & Youth Yoga

Here at The Yoga Room, classes are run on a private basis for single, couple or small groups of expecting mothers. We will work through physical postures, both standing and seated, before moving on to breath work and finally relaxation. The practice (not ashtanga yoga) is more like a hatha flow style and is just the right amount of exercise for a woman in her first trimester right to  the final weeks. Conscious Birthing is a theme that runs through the pregnancy class.  Classes taught here are an invaluable resource for every pregnant woman, the best teachings you will get. Claire practiced yoga during her three pregnancies,helping her stay fit and was crucial in helping her deliver babies at home with great ease.

Pregnancy yoga has many benefits for both mum and baby. The physical practice can help prepare for childbirth and keep mum fit during pregnancy. It can also help bring the body back to shape post birth. The breath cannot be underestimated, helping to calm baby and mother. Combined will power and knowledge breath is key in assisting mum during labour.

Youth Yoga ~ Book a Private Family Class & come altogether on a weekday morning/evening or at the weekend (depending on teacher availability). So beneficial for the entire family. Take a look at the group price options!

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